Portfolio Category: Heart Valve Repair

FlexForm™ Annuloplasty Rings and Bands

Design Advantage Unique braided material provides easy needle penetration and reduces risk of bunching or crimping. Five markers are provided as landmarks for suture placement.   Updated Construction Rings are constructed without a circumferential seam, providing nearly 360° area for suture placement. Bands have seamless construction, providing maximum area for suture placement.   Flexible Options…
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BMI 35 Large Adult Retractor

Optimal Exposure For Large Patients with High BMI’s Large Adult Sternal Retractor with Interchangeable Valve Accessories  Innovative Design Unique rack design opens with a gently curved radius, optimizing exposure with minimal trauma to the chest and ribcage Anatomic curved shape distributes opening pressure equally on the sternum Extra deep blades provide maximum exposure for patients…
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