Portfolio Category: Robotic Assisted Devices

FlexForm™ Annuloplasty Rings and Bands

Design Advantage Unique braided material provides easy needle penetration and reduces risk of bunching or crimping. Five markers are provided as landmarks for suture placement.   Updated Construction Rings are constructed without a circumferential seam, providing nearly 360° area for suture placement. Bands have seamless construction, providing maximum area for suture placement.   Flexible Options…
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Devices for Robotic-Assisted Procedures

Innovative Tools for Robotic Valve Repair Suture Hooks Specialized tools for suture manipulation Provided with left or right hand hook   Specialized Suction Tools Improved access for chest wall and hard to reach areas Available with large diameter and ball tip   Thoracic Ports Stainless steel ports with polymer obturators Designed for minimum trauma access…
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