NeoForm™ Annuloplasty Ring

Geometrically designed to restore leaflet coaptation and reduce mitral regurgitation (caused by the enlargement of the left ventricle).

Targeted Remodeling

  • Geometric design to address ischemic mitral regurgitation caused by deformation of the mitral valve.
  • By displacing the posterior annulus upward and inward, the NeoForm Annuloplasty Ring is designed to counteract the tethering forces
    responsible for chronic ventricular remodeling.

Modernized Design

  • Unique braided sewing cuff provides improved needle penetration.
  • The ring holder is removed with two cuts.

Standardized Accessories

  • Sizers and handles are universal and interchangeable with Genesee BioMedical Annuloplasty Accessories.
FlexForm™ Annuloplasty Rings and Bands

Order Information

NeoForm™ Annuloplasty Rings

Rings are available in four sizes 26, 28, 30 and 32.

Catalog Number               Description

  • 4200-26             NeoForm™ 26 Ring with Holder
  • 4200-28             NeoForm™ 28 Ring with Holder
  • 4200-30             NeoForm™ 30 Ring with Holder
  • 4200-32             NeoForm™ 32 Ring with Holder

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