Adult Curved Sternal Retractor

Multipurpose Retractor for valve repair, valve replacement and on or off-pump coronary artery procedures.

Innovative Design

  • Unique rack design opens with a gently curved radius, optimizing exposure with minimal trauma to the chest and ribcage
  • Anatomic curved shape distributes opening pressure equally on the sternum
  • Pivoting blades equalize pressure points across the sternum
  • Suitable for adult patients from 45-90 kg


Versatile System

  • Unique ball clamps, H bar mounting rods and pillar clamps provide fast set up
  • Interchangeable rakes provide excellent exposure and ease of use
  • Changeable blades allow adjustment for individual patient anatomy


Minimally Invasive Approaches

  • Curved rack with hinged arms hug patient’s body unobtrusively
  • Deep or standard minimally invasive blades
  • Optimal platform for off-pump procedures
Adult Curved Sternal Retractor

Order Information

Adult Curved Sternal Retractor

Catalog Number            Description

  • SRCL-1            Adult Sternal Retractor with Standard and                           Deep Blades
  • SRCL-AR         Adult Sternal Valve Retractor with Atrial                               and Aortic Attachments

Design Beyond Standard

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