TruForm™ Sievers Annuloplasty Ring

True Physiological Repair

  • The TruForm Sievers Annuloplasty Ring is designed to maintain optimum conditions throughout the cardiac cycle, allowing the valve to remain in a mechanically reduced state of stress.
  • Implantation is facilitated as the ring is congruent to surgical landmarks; the ring fits to the surgically relevant structures.
  • The TruForm Sievers Annuloplasty Ring addresses the shape of the mitral annulus and adjacent structures including the trigones, left ventricular outflow tract and the aortic annulus.

Order Information

TruForm™ Sievers Annuloplasty Ring

Order using the model number followed by the size; example: TRH-32.

Size 24 and 42 are available upon request.

Catalog Number               Description

  • TRH-24               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 24
  • TRH-26               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 26
  • TRH-28               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 28
  • TRH-30               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 30
  • TRH-32               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 32
  • TRH-34               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 34
  • TRH-36               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 36
  • TRH-38               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 38
  • TRH-40               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 40
  • TRH-42               TruForm™ Annuloplasty Ring size 42




Accessories are sold separately. Order using the model number.

Catalog Number               Description

  • GSS-4                 Set of Stainless-Steel Sizers
  • FRBS                  Set of Reusable Silicone Sizers
  • GRH                    Reusable Handle
  • GRH-XL              Reusable Handle, extra-long

Accessories must be sterilized before each use

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