Graft Markers

 Anastomark® Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Markers

Designed for radiographic visualization during post-op studies

Stainless Steel Distal Rings

  • Implantable grade MRI-safe stainless steel
  • Optional holder for ease of handling

Flexible Silicone Proximal Rings

  • Implantable grade impregnated silicone
  • Dark color is easy to locate during re-op

Proven Clinical Benefits

  • Quick and easy implantation
  • Clear, unmistakable images
  • Benefits include reduction in fluoroscopy time, contrast media required and angiographic catheters required.

Ordering Information

  • FM-PM-1 Flexible Proximal Silicone Marker 25/box (1/pouch)
  • FM-PM-2 Flexible Proximal Silicone Marker 50/box (2/pouch)
  • FM-PM-3 Flexible Proximal Silicone Marker 75/box (3/pouch)
  • AMGM-SD Distal Stainless Steel Marker 25/box    (1/pouch)
  • AMGM-D Distal Stainless Steel Marker with holder 25/Box (1/pouch)
  • AMGM-BD Distal Non-Sterile Bulk Stainless Steel Markers (100/bag)


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